Two Bit Geeks

Written by Morgan DeLisle

Being a nerd is finally in. Conventions and conferences, movies and tv shows, books and comics, all of it adding to a frenzy of nerd activity boldly reminding the world that “nerdiness is cool now and no one can deny it and if you try we will prove you wrong in both Elvish and Klingon.” But being a geek, now that is still a bit of a quiet art. See, geeks aren’t the same as nerds. Geeks are a tad more grounded: they’re geeking out over the universe, the stuff all around them, the stuff a little beyond their grasp, and, of course, the techy side of life, all of which feed into Two Bit Geeks.

Two Bit Geeks is “a conversation between two friends” hosted by Tom and Ped. I got to discuss the show with Tom, who summed it up by saying: “Generally it’s just a podcast about the relationship between myself and Ped and the things that we’re interested in.”

Those interests range widely and Tom explained that “though we share a lot of interests we’re also very different in a lot of ways.” Ped naturally leans towards things like Philosophy and meditation while Tom is more interested in “the more rational side of things” like astronomy and science. That means the show hits on both of those sides and especially focuses on the places those interests intersect.

The show was born from Tom’s long-time love of podcasting and the idea that having a conversational show would be a lot of fun. He called up Ped who “without even thinking about it said yes, even though he didn’t know what he was signing up for.” The duo has been at it a little over two years and Tom says “it’s been a fun little side project for both of us.”

Of course, as we all know, podcasting well always takes work, but Tom actually loves – almost – all of that work. “I enjoy all the production of it, the marketing, the editing,” Tom said, “the challenging part for me is being a public speaker.” Unlike so many podcasters I’ve spoken to, Tom isn’t an extrovert, so he leans on Ped for all of that outgoing energy. Tom has gotten more comfortable with the conversation piece, especially because post-production allows for removing dead spots in the discussion.

Tom and Ped are edging on three years of making the show and Tom is honestly just loving that they’re still going. The show has fans all over the world who have connected with them via social media and Reddit threads especially, and Tom and Ped think that is one of the best parts of having the show, followed by the sheer joy of making it. “It’s certainly satisfying creatively to put something out into the world and have people enjoy it.”

Tom and Ped are excited to keep exploring everything the universe has to offer, from fluffy subjects to hard science, and discuss what they find with each other and their listeners. So be sure to check them out on Two Bit Geeks and leave a review to let us know what you think!

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